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Era of Possibility

With tears of joy I heard the news that Biden-Harris team won. Our family was overjoyed, and neighbors ran out into our quiet suburban street to celebrate. Then I saw how city after city exploded with celebrations into the night. It took several days (after Election Day) to actually believe that we could win, and when we did, it was unreal.  We celebrated with a few fun-loving friends at a Celebration Picnic today, and everyone was overjoyed and relieved.  Our picnic on a beautiful warm day in November was made all the more special knowing that our country’s leadership would be in the hands of a sane and balanced person, an experienced leader, and one with enough confidence and empathy to care for all Americans, even those who did not vote for him and his team.

Millions of Americans voted for a change of leadership and for decency, civilized discourse, policies based on science, and economic opportunity for all.  And I loved how President-elect Biden set a tone for a new era of possibilities and cooperation. He asked for an end to the era of “demonization”. We were all tired of the demonizing, the anger, the hate people had for each other just because they had different policy preferences. I would encourage everyone to watch “Angry, White and American” on Amazon Prime, which speaks to some of the resentment that is seething in the country.  And even now as the work begins, we have to empathize with the other side, and feel their pain, and be humble. That is the tone I heard from Joe Biden, and that is great leadership. Another great sign of leadership is his choice of Vice President- for the first time we have a woman in this role, and a bi-racial (African American and East Indian heritage) one to boot! What a courageous choice by Joe Biden!

As the world continues to change, we must all learn to adapt. The law of universe says that adapt or die, whether it is societies, cultures, countries or people. Adaptation and learning are the most powerful allies we have as individuals, families and as a country. Let’s all work together to adapt to the new world we live in with all its complex mega problems, such as climate challenges, virus challenges, economic challenges to name just a few.  I am so optimistic and happy, and can’t wait to witness and contribute- in whatever small way- to the dawn of this era of healing, understanding and cooperative action.

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