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Why Sufi Dialogue?

Dialogue became my passion about 10 years ago, before 9/11 even.  I began to see the power of dialogue and how it tapped our human potential for grace, nobleness, love and compassion.  I saw how it lifted veils of deception and distortion.  And as I increased my Sufi practice of reflection, both in community and as a single person, a glimmer of a link began to emerge for me…was the reflective practice contributing to the quality of the dialogue, internal and external?  And then as I saw the rifts and chasms grow deeper, both here in our country between left and right, and the world and Islam, I wanted to open the door to a chamber where reflection meets loving conversation i.e. dialogue.  Hence the name sufidialogue, i.e. dialogue imbued with the deep practice of reflection that I have learned from Sufis like Baba Tohsin of Jerrahi Mosque.

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