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Our Magnificient Universe

Last night’s Supermoon was one of those occasions when we stop and look with awe at the infinite universe around us as it does its magic.  It reminds us of our transient life, of the vastness beyond our comprehension and of the mystery, beauty, symmetry and natural order around us.  It unites us as human beings on this planet and reminds us that we are subject to the order of the Infinite Universe.  As it says in my favourite Surah of the Quran – Surah Rahman- “the sun and the moon are made punctual” (part of the Surah is below).

Our family – being the weather and planet nerds that we are- like to text each other for any major weather or other nature event and the texting goes on as if some exciting nature concert was going on and we were sharing our thoughts live. So last evening we started texting each other from early evening on with pictures of the moon as it got brighter and closer to the earth.  I even got up at 4 am to see it brightly light the windy clear night sky in the West, instead of the East where it started.  And then I saw the lovely photos that my son Reza and my husband’s niece Nasreen took, as well as others, and I was impressed with their love of nature that made them stay up late in the bitter cold night. And it made me wander back further to moments when I observed with joy how much my children and grandchildren love nature. Whether it was driving on Route 1 in California or walking in New York State or Vermont forests, there are family bonding moments without words when we all pause and relish in our awe of nature and the gift of life, of our planet and of our Universe.  Several years ago, I was walking with the grandkids in fall leaves behind their house, and Zain – our 8 year old grandson- said: Dadi, isn’t this so much fun? I will never forget that moment and continue to make more moments as long as I can, the operative word being “can”. Only yesterday afternoon we were at a lovely relaxing Pakistani lunch hosted by Zahid and Rubina, and the big topic was health for most of us 60 somethings! We were sharing our health numbers, our medicines, our supplements, and some of us were taking notes dutifully. It was fun, comforting and necessary.  May our efforts to maintain healthy and fit help us make most of this beautiful life!

Surah Rahman- First verse

The Beneficient

Hath made known the Quran

He hath created man

He hath taught him utterance

The sun and moon are made punctual

The stars and trees prostrate

And the sky He hath uplifted; and he hath set the measure

That ye exceed not the measure

But observe the measure strictly, not fall short thereof

And the earth hath he appointed for his creatures

Wherein are fruit and sheathed palm-trees

Husked grain and scented herb

Which of the favors of your Lord, that ye deny?

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