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2018 An Amazing Opportunity

Sitting in our living room with friends last night, we welcomed the New Year of 2018 by reflecting all that was good in our own lives. It felt so good to focus on our micro-worlds and not the big, bad, ugly world out there that has seemed like a nightmare that won’t end.  We also remembered how fragile life is and thought of those who we knew who left their human body existence recently to go wherever we all come from at birth. It is a reminder to focus on what is important, to use our time wisely, to spread as much love as we can before we go.

And that is what we need to carry forward into 2018- not dwell on the maniacs controlling the planet and its resources- human and material- but on our strong spirits and the possibilities within each of us to improve the world one person, one family, one smile at a time.  I believe a human renaissance is possible to bring back what’s most noble, first in ourselves, and our families, and our communities, because that is all we can control.

Where do we start? Well, for me it means reflecting on what I think, what I do and what I say, and pausing to see if I practiced my own professed values of respect, dignity, inclusion, compassion, focusing on the good and giving back. If I failed, let me admit it, accept it and use it to build deeper awareness and sensitivity for the next time- for that is the only unit of change in my control.  As I expand my inner awareness of my impact on others, I create a larger pool of inner peace. And as I add to it the awareness of the pain and hurt of others, I develop a larger sense of human responsibility.  Isn’t it interesting that all faiths preach compassion, and yet we are finding it hard to feel the pain of the other, not just here but all over the planet?  And there it is- when this type of cynicism occurs, go at it- meet it with renewed hope, optimism, deeper thinking and vigorous action! May this be my motto for 2018, and yes if I fail, get up again and go at it again!

Best wishes to all for a 2018 with a deeper level of existence and transformative actions- let the drop reflect back to the ocean what is possible and what once was!

You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the ocean in a drop.



Mino Farooq Akhtar    Jan.1, 2018

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