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Month: August 2011

Eid ul Fitr at Jerrahi Mosque Chestnut Ridge NY

Yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny and crisp, as we drove to do our Eid prayers at Jerrahi Mosque.  All the regulars were there, plus many one-time visitors, who we only see on Eid. As always, Jerrahi is a microcosm of the world’s cultures, beauty and differences which are to be celebrated. South Asians, Arabs, Americans, Turks, Brazilians, Argentinians (of German origin), etc. etc. This is what makes Jerrahi different than other mosques, and it is this transnational, spiritual quality that attracts all of us there again and again.  And of course, our learned shaikh, Baba Tohsin – architect, artist, real estate investor, imam, scholar, Francophone perhaps, and a preserver of the best that Ottoman culture of Turkey had to offer.