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Today’s Friday khutba

Today I was so inspired by the khutba (address) at Friday prayers at Jerrahi Mosque!   The imam talked about “ikhlas” or character and how that is the most important aspect of Islam.  He said “worship” is only one component, but if you worship and do not have a soft, gentle character, your worship is in vain.  It was the most reassuring and grounding experience for me.  As we approach Ramadan, the month of fasting which will be all of August this year, we are all engaged in self-reflection and preparing for the tough fasting days ahead. We think of the state of Muslim countries and wonder what can inspire us? And this truly inspired me, for it is the essence of Islam.  No matter what those who inspire hate say we have to simply reflect on the true message of the faith and believe that gentleness will conquer verbal and other violence.

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