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Freedom journeys

In the post-911 world, I had resigned myself to a world regressing backward to division, fragmentation, hate, conflict as the extremists came out full force on all sides. The bridgebuilders seemed to be vastly outnumbered. Unanswered questions loomed large like sheets blowing in the wind – what is happening to our world; what is happening to the collective human mind; what is happening to the potential of human spirit; with so much technology and possibilities why are we abusing these capabilities?  And then, like magic, a flame was lit by one sad, disappointed young man in Tunisia.  Could he have even imagined the line of sacrifices he had unleashed? Could any of us have foreseen the flames of freedom rising in so many countries?  What joy and hope has been released by so many for so many!  My candle of hope has been rekindled and I have committed to never allow the black mood of resignation to prevail again.  Even if the journey to freedom has only begun, and many more transformations will be needed, it has started – it is unstoppable.

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